Top 10 reasons to switch to IP-based CCTV systems

As the risk of theft and vandalism continues to increase, people are becoming more aware of the security and surveillance options that are available to them. This is why IP…

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How secure is your company data?

Many businesses, especially SME’s often fall victim of data loss, and this is primarily due to the fact they have no security measures in place in order to protect their…

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Which CCTV system is right for you?

How to choose the best CCTV System for your business

Ensuring you have the correct security measures in place for your premises is important regardless of the size and type of industry you are from. One of the best ways…

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5 tips to secure your business premises whilst away

The run up to a well earned break can be hectic. Once your inbox is up to date and your “out of office” is on, the last thing you want to do…

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