Cloud Based Services (Hosted Telephony & IT) Helping you work any time, any place on any device.

What Is The Cloud?

When talking about Cloud services what are we referring to? Think of the Cloud as another name for a secure datacentre where IT and Telephony services are stored and are easily accessible via the Internet. By moving your services to the Cloud, your business can become more productive, flexible and scalable, as they give you the flexibility to work wherever you are, saving considerable time and money.

work any time, any place

Access Files From Anywhere

Cloud services allow you and your employees to access files and information from anywhere, which is fast becoming the norm in how organisations are now working. Due to its cost-effective approach (you only pay for what you use), securely stored files and a minimal outlay, Cloud based services are the perfect forward thinking business solution.


how can the cloud help your business?

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    Any Time

    Helping you access your important files and desktop remotely, sharing files securely and having the flexibility to make calls wherever you are means you’re no longer tied to office hours and can work at a time that suits you.

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    Any Place

    Whether you’re working between offices, from home or need to catch up with calls and emails on the train, Dalycom can provide you with all the tools you need to work more efficiently wherever you are.

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    Any Device

    Our hosted telephony, IT and CCTV services can help you increase productivity by enabling you to seamlessly work between your PC, tablet or mobile.

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