Protect Your People, Premises and Products with a Tailored, State Of The Art, High Resolution IP CCTV Network.

Crisp, Clear, High Resolution Images

Gone are the days of relying on grainy images to protect the most important assets in your business. To illustrate how much this technology has changed, take a look at the pictures taken from your mobile phone. Are these images better than the ones you use to protect your premises and people?

With the introduction of high resolution IP cameras, we can now enjoy crisp, clear images from a range of distances no matter what the lighting conditions are. You can even access these images from your mobile phone giving you peace of mind that your premises are secure whilst you’re on the go.

access to the UK’s largest voice and data infrastructure

Bespoke Network Design

Combined with our extensive knowledge of IT and cabling infrastructure design, Dalycom can provide an extensive range of IP cameras and devise a full IP CCTV network to meet the individual needs of your business.

You can be confident that you’re in safe hands with our experienced team of consultants and engineers, who will advise on the best possible IP cameras, locations, angles, storage space and a whole host of other things to ensure your IP cameras show you exactly what you want to see.

Protection for your business 24/7 with Dalycom IP cameras.

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