How to choose the best CCTV System for your business

Which CCTV system is right for you?

Ensuring you have the correct security measures in place for your premises is important regardless of the size and type of industry you are from. One of the best ways to deter burglary, theft and to monitor vandalism is to install a CCTV system, which will not only act as a warning alarm for trespassers, but it will also help to reassure your customers and staff that they are safe in your premises.

But with so many different options available in the marketplace, which one is the right system for your business?

There are a few things to consider before you choose a CCTV system for your company:

Types of CCTV cameras

You’ll come across many different types of surveillance systems in the marketplace, but many of those don’t offer the complete functionality that you need to effectively monitor your premises. The system that we recommend at Dalycom is an IP CCTV system. An IP technology receives controlled data via the internet, producing high definition images and video footage. When installed correctly, it is extremely secure and gives you the freedom to monitor your company when you are on the go, plus allows the flexibility to add and remove cameras as and when necessary.

Quality of the camera

There is absolutely no point in installing cameras that will give you poor quality footage and not the results you are looking for. It is always worth investing in cameras that offer crisp, clear and high-resolution images, no matter what the weather or lighting conditions may be.

Do you want to have remote access to the system?

One of the advantages of installing a state of the art CCTV system is that you are able to monitor the camera through your mobile phone, giving you the peace of mind that your premise is secure whilst you are away. This feature is particularly useful during the holiday season when there is an increase in theft and burglary incidents. It also gives you instant access to the footage without having to visit your premises in times when it is unsafe to do so.

Location and size of your business

If you have a large premise with multiple floors, then it’s worth installing cameras on each floor, plus on all exit and entry points. Most CCTV systems can be installed in any location you prefer. Another point to remember is to try and opt for a system that gives you the flexibility to add more cameras if you wish to do so in the future as your business continues to grow.

IP CCTV cameras are great for this, as they connect over a wireless network, allowing you to easily scale your surveillance system as you need. At Dalycom, we offer a complete site survey to thoroughly map out all the possible entry/exit points and blind spots to ensure your entire premises is covered.

Your business can benefit from installing effective CCTV systems as not only do they monitor theft, but they can also provide valuable video footage that can be used to confirm workplace incidents such as vandalism and violence when reporting to law enforcement.

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