Call Management in the Cloud

So, you might already have basic call reporting on a hosted telephony system like Horizon, or you may have nothing at all. This will be OK in the short term, but  in the long run your business will benefit from a more comprehensive call reporting system to help increase efficiency and improve the service your customers, and most importantly your potential customers receive.

More and more organisations are requesting in-depth call management reporting and wallboard integration to help get a real-time understanding of how calls are being handled.

Our hosted call management software, Akixi can help deliver comprehensive statistics to help your business get the service levels to where they need to be.


By using Akixi call management software you can…

Akixi Hosted Call Management Reporting
Akixi Call Management Reporting Wallboard
  • Make informed decisions to instantly improve customer service
  • Monitor the time it takes to answer a call and manage these efficiently
  • See abandoned calls and have the ability to return them
  • Ensure you have the right number of staff at peak times
  • Analyse internal call patterns to ensure callers get to the correct person quickly
  • Generate key reports instantly


More benefits to your business by using Akixi call management software:

  • No server on site
  • Real-time statistics
  • Accessible from any internet enabled device
  • Push reporting and alarms
  • Call monitoring throughout it’s path
  • Track after-hours calls
  • Instantly return missed or abandoned calls
  • Monitor key extension and key route call routes to ensure maximum efficiency

From the bullets above we are sure you will see the benefits a comprehensive call management reporting tool would bring to you business.

For more information on how this can help you please contact us. We would love to make your business more efficient in the cloud!