5 reasons why Law firms should use Cloud technology

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With a new generation of clients (and Law graduates) coming into Law firms there is a higher demand for the better use of technology to communicate with clients and colleagues effectively.

Here are 5 reasons why moving to the Cloud would benefit your law firm:


1. Enhanced Security

Security of data is obviously paramount in this industry and it seems that many Solicitors still prefer to have servers in their office where they can keep an eye on them!

By storing data in the Cloud, Solicitors can remove the risk of losing all of their valuable data if there’s ever a break-in or a natural disaster and continue working.

With the Cloud, files are stored in purpose built, highly secure data centres and backed up regularly. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about doing this internally and enjoy access to files wherever you are.

2. More Scalable & Cost Effective

For Solicitors who regularly take on new staff or systems it’s important to be able to add these on easily. As Cloud based technology is usually based on a monthly subscription of various applications, it is relatively easy to scale up (or down) and add the required services to suit the needs of the business at that particular time.

3. Remote & Flexible Working

One of the main benefits of the Cloud is being able to work any time, any place on any device. With more Solicitors offering the opportunity to work remotely/flexibly, the Cloud really helps to keep everyone connected. Everyone has access to their files and can use the phone system as if they were in the office so they can still project a professional image whether they are in our out of the office.

4. Better Collaboration

The Cloud is a massive enabler for collaboration and can seamlessly connect you (via voice and video) to your clients and colleagues wherever they are, which means decisions can be made quickly and more productively.

5. Call Recording

Being able to record and store call recordings in the Cloud means they are secure and accessible by multiple (authorised) users if required to be used as evidence in a dispute.

As you can see the Cloud can bring a wealth of opportunities for the modern Solicitors firm.

If you are interested in other opportunities for your industry, The Law Society has recently published a blog called “Legal tech in 2018: threats and opportunities“, which discusses the Cloud as well as AI and machine learning, Big Data, Automation and Chatbots. It’s worth a read!

Alternatively, If you are interested in taking your Solicitors practice to the next level don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.