Which data centre tier are you stored in?

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This year we have noticed more and more businesses embrace cloud based applications and become comfortable with the fact their data is not sitting somewhere on a fluffy cloud in the middle of the sky – it is actually in highly secure data centres.

In case you’re not sure – a data centre is a collection of a number of servers which are all connected together and this server space is then allocated to a number of businesses for them to run their hosted voice and IT applications over.

What are data centre tiers?

As a business owner, the most important thing for you is your data. Is it stored in a safe, secure and resilient environment? You’ve been assured that it is but do you really know?

Data centres are split into 4 tiers. We’ve created this simple infographic (below) to show you the main differences. It’s important to consider the impact downtime would have on your business. Do you have SLA’s in place with your customers? Will you or your clients lose money if there is a major outage?

Just so you know Dalycom only use Tier 4 data centres – has your data provider advised you of which tier your data is on?

Data Centre Tiers Infographic 4 to 1
Infographic showing differences between data centre tiers