Unified Communications in Coronavirus Era

Unified Communications during the Coronavirus Pandemic - Dalycom

The coronavirus has been a monumental catalyst for change in the way we all work, as offices, warehouses and high streets having to adapt to the way they work across the country.

How businesses communicate and operate has had to evolve at lightning speed, fueled by remote working. What would have taken years to articulate, has occurred in as many weeks, with unified communications now becoming a lifeline for organisations, and this is set to continue.

In the last two months, we have seen a vast increase in deployment, with companies upgrading their solutions to include full, unified communications. Bringing video and audio conferencing, desktop sharing, data access, with both fixed-line telephony and mobile, integrated together, simplifying the way employees work and communicate remotely.

Access to an organisation’s resources remotely via the cloud is vital for companies adapting to this pandemic. Right now, business continuity is at the top of everyone’s agenda. Communications with clients and collaboration between workers must carry on unhindered if companies are to thrive. Staying connected, but apart, is crucial.

Unified Communications are the new essentials

With more than 49 per cent of the UK workforce now working from home, according to the Office for National Statistics, employees are demanding new ways of doing business. 

Everyone wants to communicate how they want to communicate. The challenge is, how do you gather all that information together and have a single source of truth for the customer when it comes via multiple channels? How do you support businesses that have to communicate in many different ways? They need to be able to deal with every request and cannot afford to lose any leads, especially post-coronavirus. This is where Unified Communication plays an important role. 

Unified communication can provide you with a wide range of solutions to allow your employees to collaborate, access data and communicate with customers with ease, all from one application.

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