What Is IT Support?

What is IT support

In today’s fast paced world technology has become an everyday essential, especially when it comes to business. But what happens if that technology develops a problem or you need clarification on the correct operational practices of your new software or system?

That is when access to an IT support service becomes important.

Also known as Technical Support the concept of IT support is relatively straightforward. Simply put, it is a service that offers assistance with technology. This includes support for your business infrastructure, such as, software products, computers and networking.

It’s almost like having an extra member of your work force to keep your team up and running.

The type of support offered can vary but mostly ranges from advice on products, useful hints and tips on how to use products/software correctly, answering business client queries, through to more advanced technical support when an appliance or system is working incorrectly.

There’s a good chance that you have accessed a technical support service inadvertently in your everyday personal lives, especially if you like to keep up to date with the latest gadgets and electronic devices.

How can you access IT support?

There are a number of options available for IT support; by far the most common is by phone. However with technology (especially in communications) advancing at a rapid rate, it is not uncommon for companies to offer email or interactive chat support.

Types of IT support

Support types vary but the three main staples of IT support are as follows:

– Time & Materials: The time and materials approach is the most common type of support on offer. The customer pays for the time and materials used in dealing with/fixing issues.

– Block Hours: Businesses/Clients pay for a disclosed number of hours, accessible as and when required. This can span (depending on the contract) months or years.

– Managed Services: Predominantly used by businesses; this type of support often comes with a predetermined fee and can include such services as 24/7 support and technician callout if the issue can’t be fixed remotely.

Now that we have established what IT support is and the types of support available, you might be considering introducing a support service into your business.

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