The importance of data backup!

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Have you ever had a moment of panic when you thought you lost your data? Or have you lost your data and found it difficult to recover?

Most offices have a backup solution where employees’ computers are backed up daily when they are at the office.

However, when employees are working from home, most businesses overlook data backup, as employees are now either working from their own laptop or have been given a laptop to work from, which does not have a backup solution set in place.

We all have had to adapt to the current pandemic and since March this year and now with the current national lockdown, more and more employees are working from home.

However, #RemoteDataBackup is something that most businesses have not set in place, and should the unforeseen happen, there could be potential data loss. Of course, some documents may be recoverable if these were sent by email or other mediums of communications such as #Teams or #HorizonCollaborate, however, this would cause distress and use valuable employee time to recover partial data.

Even if data is backed up to an external hard drive, relying on hardware may cause problems in the long run, as one day these devices will stop working, as it’s the nature of a piece of hardware. Should the unforeseen happen and your computer gets ransomware or malware, your external backup device may also get corrupted, meaning that your backup data may also be vulnerable to these threats. This also relies on ensuring that your employee backups their data to the external hard drive every day, and with most managing a home life balance, this can sometimes be overlooked.

Ransomware is when a hacker places a virus on your computer and will ask you to pay hundreds of pounds for them to unencrypt your data. Even with an external device carrying a backup of your computer, once connected to your computer, your external hard drive will most likely get the ransomware too.

There are cloud solutions available, and some of these, offer to sync your data on the cloud. This does mean that your data on the cloud is backed up, however, a cloud sync solution such as One Drive, Dropbox and Google Drive, should be used for accessing your data across multiple devices and not for backing up your data.

To find out the difference between cloud sync and cloud backup, read our Cloud Sync vs Cloud Blog blog here!

A good backup solution should offer many features that will protect your company’s valuable data should the unforeseen happen. Here are some points which we think a good backup solution should offer:

  • Antimalware and antivirus which proactively protects your data, applications and systems from advanced cyberattacks, giving you real-time protection with AI-based learning.
  • Fail-safe patching, which eliminates the risk of bad patches making the system unsafe. Before any patch is installed, our solution will automatically take an image backup, allowing you to restore and rollback should there be an installation problem with the patch.
  • Safe recovery, which avoids malware reinfection by automatically patching the machine and scanning your system & backup images using the latest antimalware definitions.

A good backup solution should offer more than just backing up your files. It should offer you tools to prevent your data from being corrupted or lost. It should offer security for the devices you use.

With our cloud backup solution, you will be able to recover your data within minutes should the unforeseen happen. Our solution works with Windows, Linux, Macs, eight major hypervisors, iOS, Android, Microsoft apps, Microsoft 365, G Suite, and offers real-time protection.

So when thinking about a backup solution, think differently, we believe that having preventative tools to help minimise your risk of data corruption or data loss is essential in a backup solution!


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