Is your small business too small for the Cloud?

This is something we come across a lot. You can benefit from enhanced productivity, efficiency, reliability and enjoy considerable cost savings no matter what size you are.

Embracing the Cloud (or VOIP) is not only affordable – It’s perfect for small businesses.

Read 5 benefits of the Cloud for small businesses below:


1. Peace of Mind

As a business owner you should be focusing on new sales, existing clients, and employee relations. A cloud based (or hosted) system will eliminate worries about your technology and enable you to work more efficiently focusing more on the above.

2. No Initial Hardware Investment

With traditional telephone systems there is often a high capital investment cost just to get started. A cloud based system is different. Minimum outlay with regular monthly payments means it is easy to set up with minimum investment.

3. Zero Maintenance Cost

With a hosted solution there is no need worry about upgrading or maintaining your telephone system. There is no need to add a specialized IT resource or telecom consultant to your team as support is included in your monthly subscription.

4. Accelerate Company Growth

Adding tools and systems to your company allow your company to grow.  It is essential to have key solutions in place to promote growth.  A hosted telephone solution can streamline communications internally and externally enabling additional users to be added with ease.

5. Grows as your business grows

Hosted solutions are not a one size fits all solution. Typically, they offer a number of packages that fit every business size and need and are scalable to cater for future growth.

Source: help4IT 24/07/2014