Moving to a New Way of Working

Moving to a New Way of Working

As we move into a new way of working, digital transformation and unified communication show no sign of slowing down.

The traditional telecoms infrastructure is also changing in a significant way, with the ISDN switch off taking place by 2025. Employers are having to adapt to the way their business communicates in order to have a mobile workforce and meet customer expectations.

The 5G Revolution is taking shape and getting ready for the next decade, even with the many hurdles it’s facing in recent times. Unified communication is making a significant precedent, and with the many software improvements, it’s allowing companies to communicate and engage in new ways with employees and customers alike. 

Over the last ten years, demand for data since the introduction of 3G has increased significantly, as companies move critical applications to the cloud. As a result, many businesses have already battled with their legacy connectivity solutions, becoming understandably frustrated by inadequate and inflexible connectivity.

This problem is set to increase over the next ten years, to those who don’t adapt to the way communication is changing. High-speed data and ultra-reliable data is here to stay, and many companies are still to invest carefully in their network solutions. 

The way we work will continue to evolve, and with new technologies under development, it certainly is exciting to see how we will be communicating over and beyond the next decade. However, for the time being, unified communication is undoubtedly taking a strong precedent. 

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