Finding the right communication tool

Unified Communications

As the working model changes and businesses begin to have remote workers, Unified Communications is gaining more importance. The ability to consolidate communications, productivity tools and other applications, offers significant headline benefits.

Digital Transformation has become something of a buzzword in recent years as businesses try to make more informed, accurate, data-driven strategic decisions. This requires a careful blend of people, processes, and technology to deliver potentially huge competitive advantages.

Naturally, communications are an important aspect of digital transformation, allowing information and knowledge to flow across the company as quickly and efficiently as possible. UC gives your company a common platform to work with, and creates additional value by providing you analytics, an insight into operations and processes.

With the ability to see how processes are being applied, you can also identify opportunities for new efficiencies and savings.

One of the beauties of hosted unified communications is the amount of hardware and software it can replace. UC also brings all of your communications channels together in one place, allowing conversations to flow across them all. When collaborating with remote workers, instant messaging is often preferable to calling their mobile, as your employees get up to speed with the new tools.

Built-in video conferencing functionality means that your remote workers can join a meeting without ever leaving their home office, which in current times is essential.

These productivity gains are substantial. Empowering employees with the right tools to do their job in the way that best suits their working preferences.

UC is also built for scalability. As your headcount increases, adding new users takes a matter of minutes, allowing them to be engaged in productive work just as quickly. Similarly, you can remove accounts in an instant should headcount ever be reduced. Using a software subscription model ensures that you have all the services and access you need but you only ever pay for what you use, offering greater control of your spending.

Indeed, hosted Unified Communications allows you to explore the opportunities of remote working. The scale and ambition of your business cannot be constrained by the physical dimensions of your office – building a global team is as easy as expanding headcount at head office.

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