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Can your business support the new workplace reality?

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If you’ve been following workplace trends over the past few years, one significant change is impossible to miss:

Work is an activity that we do, not a place where we go.

Gone are the days when the vast majority of employees made the daily commute to a corporate office, sharing a communal space with colleagues on a regular basis.

Thanks to globalisation, working 9 to 5 hasn’t been most employees’ reality for many years, but now those same workers—who used to arrive early or stay late at the office to get all their work done—are pushing the boundaries of where, when and how they work.

To be successful in this new, virtual environment, employees need access to business data and applications, advanced communications tools, collaboration spaces and their colleagues and customers on any device and any network.

They insist on a form of work-life integration that allows them to manage their family and personal obligations with their work duties in ways that boost their productivity while minimising any extra time spent in the office.

The modern workforce are pushing the boundaries of where, when and how they work.

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