How to change the time on your phone system

How to change the time on your phone system. Step by step instructions for Horizon, NEC and Unify Telephone systems can be found here.

Can your business support the new workplace reality?

If you’ve been following workplace trends over the past few years, one significant change is impossible to miss: Work is an activity that we do, not a place where we go. Gone are the days when [...]

Fancy Dress, Abseiling & Escaping is how we fundraise!

If you’re following us on social media (links will be posted at the end if you’re not!) you will have seen we’ve been busy raising money for some fabulous charities over the [...]

Winners of Commitment to People Development & Employer of the Year Awards

We’re very proud to announce that Dalycom won the category for the “Commitment to People Development” at this year’s East Midlands Chamber Awards last Friday and [...]

5 reasons why Law firms should use Cloud technology

With a new generation of clients (and Law graduates) coming into Solicitors' firms there is a higher demand for the better use of technology to communicate with clients and colleagues [...]

Dalycom Seminar: Attract, Delegate & Succeed

We hosted our first seminar, where our MD, Amanda Daly spoke about the next generation of employees and how they will expect to work.

Millennials: 3 things they look for in the workplace

Millennials are lazy, unfocused and live on social media all day right? Not really! Contrary to the stereotypes, they’re just used to a different way of communicating. Now that Millennials [...]

Customer experience is a high priority for our Managing Director

Our Managing Director, Amanda Daly is featured in this month's Comms Dealer magazine, talking about the changes in our industry, competition and how customer service is the key to our success.

Can you count on your technology?

It's difficult to imagine a world without IT in today's world. We all know the advantages it brings to your business but we shouldn't forget about the potential risks. Read on to find out what [...]

4 ways your phone system can be used to assess business performance

If you're currently using your telephone system just as a way to make and receive calls, then you're missing out. Find out how a next generation phone system can give you a competitive advantage.