Coronavirus Statement

Dear Customer We know your business depends on Dalycom’s ability to provide reliable, uninterrupted service, so due to recent developments around Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we would like to [...]

Moving to SIP

With ISDN lines paving the way for many years and leading the way for voice quality, the lack of flexibility, higher prices, and the inability to deliver high-quality data and video have allowed [...]

The importance of IT support and infrastructure to grow your business

Whether you’re a small company just starting out or you’re already an established SME showing substantial growth, having an IT infrastructure in place can make all the difference in your [...]

Q&A With an IT Technician

At a time where more and more companies, SME’s in particular, are investing in technology to provide growth, there comes the burning question “Who does my business look to, to take care of the [...]

Anna Brocklehurst: ‘Calling All Business Owners… Do You Know Your Exit Options’

This month saw Anna Brocklehurst present at the Quorn Business Networking Event, with the topic ‘Calling All Business Owners… Do You Know Your Exit Options’. Next month she will be [...]

Why Should Your Business Invest In IT Support?

Managing business costs for SME’s can seem very much like a balancing act. Choosing to invest in each particular area of the business comes with its own list of pros and cons. With all of the day [...]

What Is IT Support?

In today’s fast paced world technology has become an everyday essential, especially when it comes to business. But what happens if that technology develops a problem or you need clarification on [...]

Proud sponsors of the Leicester Mercury Business Awards 2019

The Leicester Mercury business awards are back with their annual black tie ceremony to celebrate the achievements of businesses across Leicestershire. The awards are split into 14 different [...]

Top 10 reasons to switch to IP-based CCTV systems

As the risk of theft and vandalism continues to increase, people are becoming more aware of the security and surveillance options that are available to them. This is why IP based systems are [...]

How secure is your company data?

Many businesses, especially SME’s often fall victim of data loss, and this is primarily due to the fact they have no security measures in place in order to protect their customer and employees [...]