Using Voice Commands on Outlook

Easier said and done, just use your voice! Outlook is designed to help you connect, organise and get things done. Recently Microsoft has introduced Play My Emails in Outlook for iOS and Android [...]

The importance of data backup!

Have you ever had a moment of panic when you thought you lost your data? Or have you lost your data and found it difficult to recover? Most offices have a backup solution where employees’ [...]

Enabling your company to become a Remote-First organisation

Before the first lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic, most companies and organisations considered the office as the main central hub to work from. Holding client meetings, employees [...]

A practical guide for managing sharing with OneDrive

With today’s reality of remote working, users need the ability to share documents with clients and work colleagues. Security around internal and external sharing is more important than ever [...]

A new way to work and learn for a new digital age!

When the pandemic first instigated, there was a global shift in the way we work. Many organisations had to adapt their infrastructure quickly for their employees to work remotely from their [...]

Why Unified Communications is the New Currency

The world we live in has become very different in the past six months. National lockdowns were unheard of, and the phrase social distancing was not an everyday idiom. The same could be said for [...]

Cloud Sync vs Cloud Backup?

It’s a face-off we are asked about a lot at Dalycom. But from our perspective, the “versus” should really be a “plus,” as the two are complementary. Having the right tool for the right job is [...]

5 Steps to keep motivated when working from home

By now, there is a high chance that you have experienced the loss of concentration, the tired eyes, daydreaming to be anywhere other than staring at your computer screen. If you haven’t come [...]

Unified Communications is a strategy, not a product

Imagine the events of the last few months taking place a few short years earlier. Before superfast broadband. Before Steve Jobs changes our lives irrevocably. The connectivity foundations simply [...]

Moving to a New Way of Working

As we move into a new way of working, digital transformation and unified communication show no sign of slowing down. The traditional telecoms infrastructure is also changing in a significant way, [...]