10 Security Tips To Keep Your Property And People Safe And Sound

With the dark nights drawing in and Christmas fast approaching, business owners can maximize the security of their premises and people by following these simple security tips.

  1. Walk round your premises and make sure that perimeter is secure. For example, look at possible hiding places or walls or fences that could be climbed.
  2. Think how perpetrators would look at your business when it is closed during the day or night. For example, loading bays, cellar, doors and the back/side of your premises.
  3. Consider walkways and car parks used by staff, ensuring that areas are well lit or covered by CCTV cameras.
  4. Ensure that staff have their mobile phone fully charged or walk with their colleagues for the times when you are working late or have to leave the office in darkness.
  5. Install a burglar alarm and make sure it is installed as a visible deterrent.
  6. Ensure windows and doors are securely locked and blinds closed so thieves are not tempted.
  7. Insure office equipment such as computers and laptops.
  8. Access control will make it more difficult for the unauthorised to gain entry. Request that all employees wear their access cards as a method of making strangers stand out and discourage unwanted visitors.
  9. Plant thorny bushes below ground floor windows as it can put off possible intruders.
  10. Install CCTV by all entrances.

We are speaking with more and more businesses who are upgrading their current CCTV to IP based systems to include clearer night vision and remote viewing packages.

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